Couponing – Shopping Trip 01.01.14

My first shopping trip of the year I went to CVS, Walgreens and Michaels. 

Here’s what I got and how much I spent:

***** ***** *****



I purchased:

2 Colgate MaxFresh toothpastes at 2/$5.98
1 Dawn dish detergent at $.99; –$.25 mfg coupon

I had a $5 ECB (Extra Care Bucks – you can learn more about them HERE) and a $2 ECB so I ended up with –$.28.  They do not give you cash back but as I was quickly scanning the candy at the checkout for the least expensive item to not lose $.28 the cashier had already cashed me out.  I know it was only $.28 but I could have bought a pack of gum or something.  Next time I’ll make sure I’m paying closer attention. 

My OOP (out of pocket) expense was $0 and I received $3 ECB for purchasing the toothpaste

***** ***** *****



I purchased:

Crest Pro-Health regularly $4.79 on sale for $2.99; -$1.00 mfg coupon

My OOP expense:  $1.99

***** ***** *****



I purchased:

1 wooden letter H for a future craft project (yes there will be a blog about it) $3.99
2 sheets of felt/stick to put on a basket to keep it from scratching the wooden bench $1.09

I had 3 50% off coupons but you can only use one at a time.  I was prepared to either go through the line again or walk out and walk back in to use them but the cashier let me do separate transactions in one visit.  WoooHooo!

My OOP was $3.31

***** ***** *****

So my total shopping trip today for the 7 items shown below is $5.30 (regular price $20.52) for a savings of $15.22 plus $3 ECB for a future visit.   Not too bad!


Stay awesome!!

(((hugs))) ~lisa


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