Heading to NYC

It was time for our big trip of the year!  We were heading to NYC and I was super excited! 

Maxi dresses are very comfortable for traveling.  I bought this super cute dress at JCPenney and they even had it in a petite size!  High 5 for clothes for short people!


Here we are, getting ready to take off!  Traveling is so much fun when you have a great travel buddy.


We LUV flying on Southwest Airlines!  Just wish it flew into Rapid City in South Dakota and the Pasco Airport in Washington.  Can someone make that happen for me?! 


One of my favorite parts about flying is the people watching and reading through the magazines in the seat pocket in front of me. 

And of course the snacks…haha!!


You can learn some cool stuff from the Spirit Mag such as it used to take 27 hours to make a Peep!  Who knew?!  Well…now I do!!


And this kind of stuff just cracks me up.


After a brief layover in St. Louis we FINALLY arrived at our destination. 


Now to take our first taxi cab ride in NYC. 



The taxi ride from LaGuardia to Times Square was around $57.  That included the toll and tip.  You can pay with a credit/debit card which made it super easy.


The East River – we hear about this a lot when we watch Law & Order.



In NYC there are “characters” on Times Square that you can take pics with.  They of course want a tip but more on that later.  Sad to say but they are just humans dressed up as those characters.  What a let down.  


But seriously, I wish they would stay “in character” in case a younger kid might see them walking down the street. 


But I won’t let that get me down because WooHoo!!  We are in NYC baby!


Now time to freshen up, head to dinner and have some fun.

Have you ever been to NYC?  What was your favorite part? 

Stay awesome!! ~lisa


High 5 Friday!


These are the things that I’ve googled this week in no particular order.

Recently, Walk the Line was on and it reminded me of a song that Johnny Cash did.  Kind of a haunting tune but I couldn’t quite remember the name of it.  I thought it said, “I heard a voice, today” but of course that wasn’t it but I googled and found what I was looking for.

johnny cash hurt

Here’s the video in case you want to watch it:  CLICK HERE

I was looking for a new lens for my *older* camera.  Which still works perfectly fine but when I take pics inside a clients’ home a wide angle would work much better.  If anyone would like to buy it for me just let me know!  haha!!

sony wide angle lens

I follow the Property Brothers on Instagram and Facebook and one of them mentioned Statler and Waldorf.  First of all the Property Brothers are super cute and could use a side of awesome like me to liven up their show but until then I must be content to follow them on the internet.  Anyway – the names Statler and Waldorf was familiar and this is why I googled them. 


I’ve been looking into purchasing NARS makeup but it’s pretty pricey.  I just like the fact that you can use it on lips, eyes and cheeks therefore reducing the number of items you need.  I’m not a super fan of makeup but the girl at the Sephora counter was nice and patient with me explaining the product and answering my questions. 


Lastly, we are heading to NYC and I was hoping to find a map of all the places that are mentioned on Law & Order Criminal Intent.  There’s not one that I’ve found so far so that’s kind of a bummer but I will be okay.  Just need someone to send me some Casteggio Sangue de Guida and I’ll be fine…haha!!

law and order ci

What things have you googled lately? 

Don’t forget y’all – Stay Awesome!!  ~lisa

Light Switch Makeover DIY Project

For those of you observant folks who read my Office/Craft Space reveal, you may have noticed the light switch had a makeover!  Here is the before:


Gather your supplies, paper or fabric to adhere to your switch plate, scissors, pencil, mod podge and a sponge applicator or something to apply the mod podge.


To create this light switch cover makeover, you need to measure the cover.  The sizes can vary which I did not know prior to trying this.


Choose what you are going to cover it with.  Paper, fabric, rhinestones or even parts of a watch will work.  Be creative and let it be an expression of you.  I chose a map as it reminds me of taking a road trip and I love to travel!


I cut out a portion of the map a little bigger than the cover.  Grabbed some mod podge and a sponge to apply it. 

I placed the cover on top of the map and outlined the area I was using.  I also faintly outlined where the switch was as well as marked with circles where the screws would go. 

The pic below was actually my first attempt but I wasn’t happy with how it turned out so I made another one.  This project is so inexpensive because the only real cost is whatever you are covering it with and some mod podge.  If you mess up you can pick up another light switch cover for less than a buck.


I then mod podged it on and after it dried I put it on the wall.


The portion of the map I chose has El Paso, where my gramma, and yes I *know* that you don’t spell grandma that way but we do…anyways that’s where my gramma and some relatives live.  On it as well as Ciudad Juarez where my dad is from.  Like I said, you can cover yours with just about anything.  Maps, pages from a book, sheet music, craft paper, fabric…just about anything! 


What DIY projects have you tried lately?

Stay awesome!! ~lisa

The Office Closet Reveal

I have been wanting a office/craft space for FOREVER and we are finally getting around to getting that done!  I am already using my office but there are still some decorating details that I am working on.  I’ll share as we get those completed.

The closet before was just your average, normal small closet.


It originally had a top shelf and of course a bar to hold all your clothes.  We took all of that out and Marvin removed the popcorn texture from the ceiling.


Next, Marvin painted the back wall True Turquoise by Glidden to match the rest of the space.


He then measured for the built in shelves.


We bought pre-finished wood and measure out for each shelf.  I encourage you to measure for each shelf because as we found out, not all the shelves were exactly the same in measurements.


After that was installed I loaded everything back in!  Now, my office/craft closet may not be as *neat* as some others you may have seen but I think it’s absolutely FABULOUS!!!  I love it that I can see my supplies and I can’t wait to get started on some more projects.


Top shelf I put all the office supplies.


The next shelves hold crafting supplies and gift bags/tissue paper.  There are tons of awesome craft projects just waiting to happen sitting on those shelves.  Notice the avocado green vintage Corning Ware bowl on the left.  Love it!



And my mom was totally giving away a tub full of old Tupperware etc. so I snagged the large round container to store craft stuff in.  On top of it is a wooden box my Uncle Kenny made for me.  Notice the stack of Scentsy bars?  If you need Scentsy my sister can hook you up!  If you look close you’ll spy a roll of pennies and quarters for me to use on our next road trip so I can make more smooshed pennies. 


On the bottom I have two hooks for all my tote bags. 


This hook (below) *always* cracks me up.  Soon I am going to make the above hook look like this…haha!!


The tote bags are in the center and on the left side is our luggage.  The large tote on the left was a gift from my sister for being a part of her wedding party.  I use it to add some of the patches we collect on our trips.

The tote on the right is my AFWM (AF WingMoms) tote that I take with me when I go up to MEPS to volunteer.  🙂 

The white container is what we tote all of our toiletries in on our trips and then two laptop carriers.


On the right side is where my gift wrap and large gift bags are stored.







Stay awesome!! ~lisa

Scarborough Renaissance Festival 2014

One of my favorite things to do is people watch.  It’s just so much fun and you can meet lots of interesting folks!  Scarborough Renaissance Festival is people watching at it’s finest.  Located in Waxahachie, Tx, Scarborough Renaissance Festival is just 30 minutes south of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex on FM 66 off of I-35, exit 399A.   

Take a peek at some things I saw today.


Have you done any fun people watching lately? 

Stay awesome!! ~lisa

High 5 Friday



Things going on in my head…


We are heading to NYC soon ::squeeeeee…I’m so excited!!!:: and Mr Awesome wants to visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral while we are there so naturally I had to google it.  It looks like it is going to be absolutely breathtaking.


Along the same line we are wanting to totally buy a hot dog from a street vendor.  It seems like a totally NYC kind of thing to do.

homemade-liquid-dish-soap-recipe-4 (1)

Still looking into ways to save money and make more things from scratch.  I’ll of course fill you in on our next adventure in homemade goods!




I’m seriously have a crush on this blog I found from a friend in high school. One Good Thing by Jillee has a lot of great homemade cleaning solutions, among other things, that I have been enjoying reading through.


I googled pics of Gerard Butler hair so I could find some ideas for a new cut that I wanted my husband to try.  At least that’s what I keep telling myself….haha!!

What have you googled lately? 

Don’t forget to Stay Awesome!!  ~lisa

Mesquite Rodeo Parade – 2014

The Mesquite Rodeo Parade is a long standing community tradition in downtown Mesquite.  I didn’t realize it but Mesquite’s Rodeo Parade was in it’s 57th year!  You can see horses, bands and floats wind through downtown Mesquite and after the parade there are often events after to continue the fun.

The Rodeo Parade is a community wide event that brings together civic clubs, churches, community groups, sports teams and schools.  I hadn’t been to the parade in many years but my hubby was going to be in it so I made plans to go.  There were quite a few folks already staking out their parade watching spots when I arrived at 9am.  The parade wasn’t scheduled to start until 10am but folks arrived early!  

It was a little chilly that morning, Mackenzie was bundled up.


Braxton was just ready to see some horses.


The Grand Marshall this year was Kloie Oguntodu, a 2nd grader at Shaw Elementary.  Kloie won the girls, ages 6-7, NFL National Championship Punt, Pass and Kick competition, bringing national attention to Mesquite.


The kids are excited and want the parade to get started.


Here it comes!!


My alma mater – Mesquite High School!




You can see all kinds of interesting characters in the parade.


And a clown.


Lots of groups with brightly colored floats.



North Mesquite High School




Another brightly decorated float.


Some clowns!!




A cow decorated school bus representing all of our awesome school bus drivers!



Mack loves getting her pic taken with mascots.


The Mesquite Symphony Guild Debutantes


West Mesquite High School




Mmmmm – Whataburger!





Poteet High School



Mack with the Poteet Pirate mascot.



Texas Shark


John Horn High School


Mack with the Horn mascot



My hubby pulling the DACED – Dallas County East Democrats float. 


So proud of him for getting involved and trying to make a difference. 


And of course there were horses!



And the parade wouldn’t be complete without seeing a longhorn!  Hook ‘Em Horns!!


Afterwards we went to a local school that was hosting some after parade activities.  Free hot dogs, bounce house and pony rides (not free, $4 each) rounded out our fun day!







A pic with Smokey the Bear


And one last pic with a clown for Mack.


What a fun, fun day!

Stay awesome!  ~lisa