High 5 Friday

high 5 friday

In case you are thinking I’ve gone completely insane all these things that I googled do make sense to me and here’s why…


This week we made homemade laundry soap so I needed to find where I could buy washing soda.  I couldn’t find it at my local grocery store (I do not shop at Walmart…long story for another day) and as it turns out, you can buy it at the hardware store!  Who knew?!  You can also bake baking soda and it will turn into washing soda.  Again…I’m amazed.


Scarborough Renaissance Festival opens this weekend in Waxahachie, TX.  My sister and I used to go every year and plan on going next weekend if you want to meet us out there!  Many folks that go really get into character and dress up and everything.  Lots of fun people watching!


My hubby and I are looking into ways to save money and live a more healthy lifestyle.  Have no fear though…I still love my margaritas and mimosas.  I had just heard that you could substitute apple sauce for the oil in muffin recipes without really affecting the taste and sure enough you can!


I couldn’t think of the name of the player on the Mavs.  I was wondering if he was still playing and then I couldn’t think of his name so I googled famous Mavs players and then I found Steve Nash.  I don’t remember why I was concerned about that but I was.


I used to play a “game” at work where we would randomly choose a word and then we’d have to think of things to go with it.  Today my hubby and I played it while waiting at the doctor’s office and the last name Nelson was mentioned.  Then we each took turns trying to be the last one to say a name.  There are also rules to the game.  Since we were doing last name Nelson you couldn’t say Nelson Mandela as that would not fit.  My favorite answer was Major Anthony Nelson from I Dream of Jeannie

What have you googled lately?

Stay awesome!!  ~lisa


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