High 5 Friday!


These are the things that I’ve googled this week in no particular order.

Recently, Walk the Line was on and it reminded me of a song that Johnny Cash did.  Kind of a haunting tune but I couldn’t quite remember the name of it.  I thought it said, “I heard a voice, today” but of course that wasn’t it but I googled and found what I was looking for.

johnny cash hurt

Here’s the video in case you want to watch it:  CLICK HERE

I was looking for a new lens for my *older* camera.  Which still works perfectly fine but when I take pics inside a clients’ home a wide angle would work much better.  If anyone would like to buy it for me just let me know!  haha!!

sony wide angle lens

I follow the Property Brothers on Instagram and Facebook and one of them mentioned Statler and Waldorf.  First of all the Property Brothers are super cute and could use a side of awesome like me to liven up their show but until then I must be content to follow them on the internet.  Anyway – the names Statler and Waldorf was familiar and this is why I googled them. 


I’ve been looking into purchasing NARS makeup but it’s pretty pricey.  I just like the fact that you can use it on lips, eyes and cheeks therefore reducing the number of items you need.  I’m not a super fan of makeup but the girl at the Sephora counter was nice and patient with me explaining the product and answering my questions. 


Lastly, we are heading to NYC and I was hoping to find a map of all the places that are mentioned on Law & Order Criminal Intent.  There’s not one that I’ve found so far so that’s kind of a bummer but I will be okay.  Just need someone to send me some Casteggio Sangue de Guida and I’ll be fine…haha!!

law and order ci

What things have you googled lately? 

Don’t forget y’all – Stay Awesome!!  ~lisa


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