High 5 Friday!


I’ve googled some random things this week.  Then again, most of my googling adventures only make sense to me! 😉

Up first this week is Wendy Davis and her recent visit to Paul Quinn College.  My hubby is an activist and he took the opportunity to swing by and hear her speak and snag a pic!  WooHoo!!


My oldest step-daughter got married last week in Vegas (how fun!!!) and we decided to put together an impromptu “Welcome Home and Congrats on your Wedding” party for them.  I was in charge of bringing the side dishes.  I made broccoli rice cheese casserole, coleslaw and green bean casserole to go with the BBQ meat. 

Anyway the conversation turned to the ingredients needed and I mentioned Durkee Fried Onions.  I was immediately contradicted and told they were French’s French Fried Onions.  While I agree that that is what they are *now* called, they were originally called Durkee Fried Onions.  My initial google attempt failed me because the ONLY thing that would come up was French’s!! Aaaccckkk!!!  After a little more creative googling I finally found a pic to prove my point.  Not exactly the pic I was looking for but close enough.


It’s Military Spouse Appreciation Day today and I needed a pic and some info to post on my AF WingMoms Facebook page.  I posted the same info/pic on my LifeWithASideOfAwesome Facebook page if you want to check it out.


I had a couple of coupons that would be expiring soon and y’all *know* it kills me to let one slip away so I stopped by JoAnns Fabrics to see what I could pick up.  I remembered a chain and ribbon bracelet that I had seen on PositivelySplendid.com and I wanted to get the supplies to try it for a future project.  I picked up ribbon and chains so I’ll be creating this very soon!  And to my girlies, if you are reading this, act surprised when I mail yours to you! 


And last but not least, I do follow celebrity news.  I don’t mean I am obsessed with it but I have been known to read a magazine or two devoted to the topic.  At any rate, I saw Katy Perry and John Mayer on the Ellen show and I just had the feeling he didn’t look like he was that *into* her if that makes sense.  So I was wondering if they are still together.  After my google efforts I’m still not 100% sure. 


Isn’t she so pretty??  Seriously….she just needs to come over and hang out at my place and help us renovate the bathroom.  Doesn’t that sound like a good time?  😉

What’s on your mind and what have you googled recently?

Stay awesome!! ~lisa


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