High 5 Friday!!


Well it’s Friday and that means it is time to share some of my google searches for the week! 

First up is a painting depicting a Breakfast At Tiffany’s, a movie of which I have never seen.  Have you seen or heard of those studios where you pay a certain amount for a class and then you go, usually with some friends and some wine….yes I said wine….I will tell you more about that in a minute…back to my story…

So there are these studios that you can go and take a class and basically during that class you paint a painting.  I had seen it and knew of other friends that had gone but hadn’t tried it out myself.  A friend sent me a message and they are going to be painting *THIS* (see below) painting at the end of the month! 


:: squeeeee ::  We just got back from NYC a couple of weeks ago and M had purchased a really lovely necklace from Tiffany’s so I absolutely wanted to go and try this. 

The studio is called, Painting with a Twist and there are several locations that you can go to.  The Painting with a Twist – Mesquite location is the location I am going to and I’m so excited.  You can bring your favorite beverage or wine (yes wine!) and a snack.  The instructors will guide you step by step through the night’s featured painting.  I hope it is as easy peasy as it sounds!  Of course I will blog about the experience as well. 😉

Next up we have a bar of Scentsy.  I missed “Wax Change Wednesday” where lots of folks post about changing out their Scentsy bars so I dubbed today, “Fresh Scent Friday” and am switching out my Scentsy scent bars to the one called, Welcome Home.  No, I do not sell Scentsy but my sister does so if you need any all you have to do is click HERE or put this link address in your browser:  https://ginarush.scentsy.us/  

What is your favorite Scentsy scent bar?


A few weeks ago I received an email from my local AMC 30 and they said we could get free tickets to the screening of Chef *AND* a free appetizer.  I unfortunately waited until the day of to request my free tickets and they were all gone but I did google about the movie.  Here’s the trailer clip – HERE.


What do you do when your husband is trimming the trees in the front yard and you have several branches that are just going to be hauled off to the dump?  Well if you are me you google for wood tree limb crafts!!  haha!!  There were several ideas that I pinned HERE and will be adding those to my future project lists. 

One idea that caught my eye was this super cute tea light candle holder. 


M already got started on creating mine!


It’s looking great so far!!

Last but not least we are fans of The Voice and one of the contestants sang “Good Girl”.  I was pretty sure it was a country song so when I googled it I found out that Carrie Underwood sang it.  If you want to see Carrie’s video then CLICK HERE.


Well that’s all I have this week for y’all!  Don’t forget to tune in again next Friday and see what’s in the google box!

Stay awesome!! ~lisa


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