High 5 Friday!


I missed posting my weekly High 5 Friday recap and I am so super surprised that the world kept turning!  ;)  We shall carry on…

Okay – so I don’t exactly remember why this actually came up but my hubby and I were talking and I was trying to remember this video where some guy is being fed cereal.  After googling, I remembered it was Ryan Gosling and in THIS VIDEO you will see him being spoon fed cereal and he doesn’t like it.  I admit it is silly but I find it funny.


In my never ending pursuit of DIY projects that repurpose items, I remembered that I had these small glass bottles.  I think they were aspirin bottles or something at one time.


I was trying to think of something to put in it to be able to give them away as a gift.  I asked my friends on facebook and they were saying spices, sequins, small beads, chocolate chips etc. but that wasn’t really what I had in mind.  I was wanting something that they, whoever I gifted this to, could use but they’d have to pour it out.  It also is a glass bottle so I was trying to think of something that you would keep somewhere that wouldn’t break.  Then a friend commented with the bath salt idea and I thought it would be perfect!  So then I googled bath salt recipes.

{photo credit, A Pumpkin and a Princess}

That google pursuit led to another idea but that will have to wait because first…

I like big butts and I cannot lie.  I googled this because a friend on Facebook posted the first part of the lyrics and I of course felt compelled to add the next line.  And I didn’t want to be wrong on the actual words so I googled it.  Honestly, you would think that I knew the words by heart, but I didn’t.


If you’d like all the lyrics you can CLICK HERE.  You know, just in case it comes up in conversation or something.

This next pic might have you thinking, …what in the world??!!  Or is she…??!!  But trust me, it makes sense and no I’m not. 

About 4 years ago, when my oldest son got married, we took a trip to Lincoln City, Oregon.  There, while beachcombing, we collected some driftwood and other ocean kind of rocks and things.  My idea was to epoxy the driftwood to a glass container but I thought I had more driftwood than I actually have so I realized I would need a smaller container.  Yes I could have gone to the dollar store and looked for something but  I started wondering if they still made baby food in small glass jars and guess what?  THEY DO!!  :) 


If I buy one jar, which I did, that will fulfill the glass jar need for the driftwood project.  But another friend on Facebook said that bath salts dry your skin out (referencing above vintage pill bottle gift idea) so she suggested making a sugar scrub to give to people.  Well clearly the vintage aspirin bottles that I have really wouldn’t be good for that but the baby jars just might do the trick.

But where will I find a bunch of baby food jars?

Enter ::google search:: for ways to use up baby food and one of the ideas was to freeze them in cubes and then add it to your smoothies!  Genius!!  So I *may* be buying some in the near future if I can’t find suitable glass jars with lids while thrifting or garage sale-ing.  :)   <<—And I’m sure that those are two words that I just made up. 

And last but not least I blame my younger son for this entry.  He shared a link with me, THIS ONE, and it was about glass etching.  This goes hand in hand with my above posts about making bath salts and sugar scrubs because I immediately thought, how cute would that be to put an initial or a monogram on the bottle?  I think that would be super cute!!  What do you think?

 glass etching 

Well that’s where I’m at this week folks!  Hope your week was awesome and leave me a comment and let me know what’s on your mind!

Stay awesome!! ~lisa


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