Chain + Ribbon Project Fail…not all my ideas work

Positively Splendid posted this *totally* adorable bracelet that looked super easy to make.  I thought this would make a perfect craft project that I could make the ladies in our family.  

Let me first give you the link to the project so you have a point of reference –   CLICK HERE.


Here are the project supplies as listed on the website:

  • 10-12 links of 1 1/8” silver large chain link trim (found in the sewing notions aisle)
  • 1.5-2 yards 1.5” gold satin ribbon
  • Shears
  • Fray Check

I made two separate attempts to find the chain in the sewing notion aisle.  No luck.  Finally, one salesperson suggested just buying one of the chains in the jewelry section so that’s what I did.


I bought a couple of the packages and some ribbon.  I purchased the size they recommended not realizing the size chain I bought was smaller.  No problem there as I had more ribbon in my craft closet.

Here are the instructions and the point in my project where my version took a turn for the worse:

1. Form a loop with the chain links. Thread the ribbon through the links and secure with a bow.
2. Trim ribbon ends to the desired length. Apply Fray Check to cut ends to seal.

My hubby helped me pull the chain apart after I counted out the 12 links.


Simple enough.  Now the part where I get a little fuzzy is, “Form a loop with the chain links.”  Should I join them back together?  If I do that I can’t get my chubby hand to fit through.  I ended up not joining them together and proceeded to the next part, “Thread the ribbon through the links and secure with a bow.”

Here’s how that turned out:


Not quite the same.


I originally thought that I’d thread the ribbon through, put it on my wrist and then tie it in a bow.  That idea isn’t viable either as the links still collapsed and I would need a second person to tie the bow. 

I think if I join the chain back together that will obviously help *but* I would need more links and I think that it would look and be looser than shown on the website.  That’s what I will try next.

Or I could add a clasp hidden under the bow.  Hmmm….not sure if that will work.

I also thought about making a threaded ribbon necklace but the chain is so chunky I think it might look like some sort of Mister T starter kit or something. 


I’ll keep you updated and let you know how I modify it to make it work.  This is just humbling proof that not all my ideas and projects turn out the first time. 😉

Stay awesome! ~lisa


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