High 5 Friday!!

High 5!! We made it another week!  Aren’t you glad it’s Friday?

Here are some things that crossed my mind…


I was looking through the pics of our trip to NYC and came across the one of this fine gentleman playing the flute.  I posted it on my Life With a Side of Awesome Facebook page but wasn’t sure if the proper term was flutist or flautist.  After googling, it seems that flutist is the more common term used in America, which is where I live so I used “flutist” in my post. 


It was my birthday this past Tuesday = YEA for birthdays!! = and I mentioned to my cousin that I hoped to travel north to the Minnesota/Wisconsin area soon to visit family.  He actually lives in Lincoln, NE (I obviously haven’t visited him lately) so I googled it to see how far it was from me.  As it turns out, it would sort of be on the way to visit my son in Rapid City.  Hmmm….may need to plan a road trip soon!!


Coquettish.  I am not sure that I had ever actually heard anyone use that term until the other night on, So You Think You Can Dance

I googled it to see what it meant and found out this:

adjective – (of a woman) characteristically flirtatious, especially in a teasing, lighthearted manner.

I believe that Marilyn Monroe was very coquettish.  Did I use that correctly?

1124369: (00/00/1953) Actress Marilyn Monroe playfully elegant, at home.

A friend on Facebook posted that he had lost his bucket list because there was a hole in his bucket.  *naturally* I googled the lyrics so I could try to play the song on my flute.  Yes…I am a flutist.  Perhaps a coquettish flutist?  😉 

There's a Hole in the Bucket

And last but certainly not least but this is super adorbs is this little Lego man with a camera.  I was googling to find a miniature cookie monster to take on trips with me so I could photograph him in unusual places and spaces.  I stumbled across this awesomeness by U.K. photographer Andrew Whyte who took pictures of a tiny Lego man taking pictures every day for a year on his iPhone, and they’re all the coolest thing ever.  CLICK HERE for a link to the gallery of pics which he calls Legograhy.  

And this folks, is why I love google. 


Stay awesome!! ~lisa


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