Mickey Mouse Washer Necklace…”experiment”

In my mind this necklace was going to turn out sooooo cute!  The original plan was to have this ready for my nieces’ 2nd birthday party but as you will see…not quite how that worked out.

Here are the inspiration pieces on the top half of this pic.  They look downright adorable.  The bottom half were the washers I was going to use.  I ended up going with the larger set and was going to use the polka dot paper as my print. 


The process was plugging right along and I decided to put a resin on them called Enviro Tex Lite.  It was going to make them glossy and more durable.  Really easy to use and I allowed them to cure for several days before going to the next step.


To create the mouse ears, I planned on gluing the smaller washers to the bigger washer.  Sounds easy enough, right?  Based on some informal research of other folks’ experiences, I chose E6000 as my adhesive agent of choice. 

{ CONFESSION – I did NOT read the package clearly and purchased the E6000 in BLACK.  I also did NOT read the package to see if would work on resin.  Note to self:  read the package before purchasing…just in case.}

I glued the pieces together and left it to dry.


So far so good until…


I went to add the wire connecting the “ears” to the “head” and realized it felt a little loose.  And then I was able to lift it back without much effort.

I also noticed you could still see the black color of the E6000.  Not exactly the look I was going for.

Here’s where I need some input, I really like the look that the resin gives.  Do you think that I could make them again, use E6000 (this time I will buy clear/transparent one) to glue them together and THEN put the resin on?  Or should I just forget the resin altogether?  What are your thoughts about all of that?       

Stay awesome crafters! ~lisa


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