High 5 Friday!!

Another week has already passed?  My how time has flown by!  We’ve been a little under the weather at our casa but we’ll be just fine.  How’s everyone feeling in your neck of the woods?

high 5 friday 06.27.14

1.  My middle triplet, Sarah, graduated from Columbia Basin College last Friday.  We were not able to make it for the festivities but we were able to watch it live stream!  That was pretty cool!  I of course had to google the link but it was a pretty cool thing.

sarah at graduation

Do you know what this is??


It’s a pair of FRINGE scissors!!!  I seriously did not know they even existed!  I saw it mentioned on one of the many mini piñata tutorials I read through so I had to google them to see if it was true…and it was!!  They are pretty inexpensive and I’m contemplating buying a pair.  Yes, even though I have no real use for them.  Well take that back.  I actually am going to be making another piñata so that’s it!  Problem solved!  Purchase justified…haha!

Do the items in this pic look vaguely familiar?

cut up toilet paper rolls

If you guessed cut up toilet paper rolls…you were right!  When I was googling for projects made with toilet paper rolls I came across a really cute wreath.  After reading up on how to do it I decided to create a toilet paper roll “rose” wreath.  I think it’ll look pretty awesome when I am done.  I am about to paint my other project, Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art, and I will post a tutorial to go along with it.

You may have heard me mention a time or two…or twenty…that my little grandson loves the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Well, I decided to try another pinata project and I am going to make a TMNT pinata!  I needed a pattern to cut out the head so I googled it.  🙂 


Last but not least I remembered seeing a tutorial on making tote bags out of placemats.  I was in Kohl’s the other day and these were on clearance for $.79 each!!  What a steal!!! 


Since I have never tried this before these are my “test placemats” so in case there’s an oopsie, it will be okay.  I hope they turn out though…I’m pretty excited!

Anything interesting going on where you are at?  Leave a comment and tell me all about it! 🙂

Stay awesome!! ~lisa


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