DIY – Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art

*Disclaimer – I sometimes very loosely follow directions so your results may vary 😉

I found a toilet paper roll wall art project that I wanted to try.  Several actually, but I settled on one.  Suzy’s Artsy-Crafty Sitcom had the one I chose and she called it, Faux Metal Wall Art and even had free patterns!  Love FREE stuff!! 

For this project you will need:
Balsa wood strips
Lots of empty toilet paper rolls
Several empty paper towel rolls
Craft glue
Spray paint

balsa wood and toilet paper rolls

Her instructions call for 3/8” Balsa wood strips.  My husband bought 1”.  I will not be undeterred!!  I am a crafter and can overcome any obstacle!  😉

I cut the wood to 10” strips and hot glued them together.  I also tried gorilla glue, and craft glue and neither was working to my satisfaction.  I may regret the choice later but for now it’s working.

frame corner

My frame is also not completely level or square or whatever you call it.  One end doesn’t lay completely flat on my work table.  Either my work table is off or the frame is.  You take your pick.  Still, I pressed on. 

I gathered my supply of toilet paper rolls (I have quite a few) and prepared to cut them.  I, of course, changed the pattern to 1” cuts to match my frame. 

 marking the cut lines

Some of the rolls I cut lengthwise first and then cut into strips.

cutting lengthwise

And for the others, I “folded” them in half and then made the cuts.

rolls folded

{ random fact – some toilet paper rolls are thicker than others.  weird. }

{ random fact – toilet paper rolls are not all the same length across.  weirder. }

Back to my project…

I went ahead and cut up about 9 or so rolls in 1” pieces and some in strips. 

cut up rolls

And of course I still have enough left over to try another project, which I just so happen to already have.  That is coming soon! 

bag of rolls

There are lots of design examples online to replicate but after I got started, I decided to try and let my creative juices flow and see what I could come up with. 

It started to take shape…

putting it together

In the pic above you will notice that I have paper clipped some pieces together.  I did this to make sure that they didn’t separate as they were drying.

As I glued the pieces to the frame I used binder clips and clothespins to secure them in place until they were dry.

binder clip and clothespin

And this is how it turned out!

almost finished

Now to paint it!

I used just plain gloss black spray paint.

spray paint 

And I put my project in a box to try and contain the spray paint from getting everywhere.

spray paint box

Okay – remember when I said I *may* regret using the hot glue gun?  Well, I did not clean up my glue residue very well so after I finished spray painting I noticed it and tried to just scrape it off.  This is what happened.

glue repair

No worries though – I just used my craft knife to even that out and repainted that area.  Good as new and you can hardly tell unless you are super up close…and why would you be doing that?  haha!

And this is my finished product!

toilet paper roll art

It was a pretty easy project and VERY inexpensive!  The only thing that was purchased was the balsa wood, which was just a few dollars.

What cool projects have you tried lately?

Stay awesome!! ~lisa


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