High 5 Friday!

I know you are saying, but wait it’s Saturday!  And you could have said that had I posted this yesterday but now it’s Sunday, and I say, better late than never!  😉  Now let’s get to it.


Y’all know that I LOVE to upcycle things.  It’s just so fun to see something turn into something else!  We had tuna for dinner the other night and so yeah…the empty can got me to thinking…I should start saving these and make something.  I of course googled it and found this:

 snowman tuna can basket

{ sqeeeee!! }  WHAT A CUTE SNOWMAN!!  So I saved that pic as I will definitely be making it.  You could put peppermints in it and give it away at Christmas to your co-workers.  I’m sure it’s super simple to make and of course I’ll post the tutorial after I am finished.

tub of soap

This my collection of hotel soaps.  I used to have them in a glass container in my bathroom but I’m thinking of doing something else in there, so now I have a small container full of soaps.  So what can you do with that?  As it turns out…you can make more soap!  haha!  I have been s-l-o-w-l-y working on some homemade washcloths so I figure I can add a small bar of “homemade” soap and tie it up with a pretty string and give it as gifts.  Can I really say it’s homemade if I’m just melting it and remolding it?  hmmmm…I will have to think about that.

I originally had my office curtains like this

office curtains1

It wasn’t quite happy with that so I started thinking about ways I could change it and decided on curtain tiebacks.

curtain tieback

I am going to use the same ribbon but sew the ends and add grommets.  I’ll post that tutorial as soon as I finish them.  I hope they are as easy to do as they are in my head! 😉

Have you ever heard of bubble football? 

bubble football

I never had until I saw a video (click here to see it for yourself) and it looks like a lot of fun!  I think this would be a ton of fun with a youthgroup or something. 

I got my hair cut and can you guess what I changed?  Yep…I got bangs. 

{{ she bangs }}  {{ she bangs }}

Seriously…you were thinking it too…I just said it.

ricky martin she bangs

Well that’s it for this week…I’ve got several craft projects in various stages of completion and I can’t wait to share them with y’all!

Stay awesome!! ~lisa

P.S.  Did you want to see my bangs?  Here they are!

she bangs!


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