DIY Curtains

I needed, or rather wanted, something super simple to hang in my office until I came across the *perfect* pair of curtains.  I hunted for a set of flat sheets on the clearance aisle, snagged them up and brought them home to create some curtains.

Since they are already sewn, I just cut a small notch out of the back of the curtain at the top to slide the curtain rod through.

cutting a notch into the curtain

I then threaded the curtain rod through and hung the up.

plain sheets as curtains

They were a little on the plain side, don’t you think?  So I bought some ribbon to sass it up just a bit.

first curtain look

I had both sides pulled back like the one side you see here, but I just didn’t like how that looked.  I decided to buy some curtain tie backs and think of a way to pull them back.

I purchased the tie backs at Hobby Lobby and used my 40% off mobile coupon to score them for cheap!  Hubby spray painted them white for me and I installed them.

curtain tie back

Yes, sometimes I actually do some of the *work* on my projects.  😉

Next i took the rest of the ribbon and sewed the ends so they wouldn’t fray.  I then added grommets to each side. 

second curtain look

I pulled both sides back and this is how it looks now.

finished tie backs

I am much happier with this look.  It will probably change again soon as I am working on the bench cushion right now and I know that I’ll want the fabric I use there to compliment the fabric for the tie back, but for now…this will work. 

What awesomeness have you created lately?

Stay awesome!! ~lisa


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