High 5 Friday!

WooHoo – it’s Friday again and time for another edition of High 5 Friday!!


First up is TREC aka the Texas Real Estate Commission.  I’ve recently decided to go for it and get my Realtor license!  WooHoo!!  Any advice from my Realtor friends out there?


This post seems to be heavily weighted towards DIY stuff but that’s okay because I love DIY!! 

We recently purchased a “new to us” front loading washer and dryer.  My hubby broke it all down, cleaned it up and when he went to put back together the washer he realized he was missing a critical tool.

spring expansion tool

This is called a spring expansion tool and this puppy ain’t cheap!  I googled it and it’s around $50-$60 and it’s basically a one-time use tool as he won’t be breaking down the washer again like that anytime soon.  We’ve asked friends but no one has the one we need so we may become the proud owners of a new spring expansion tool soon! 

And as a result of the “new to us” washer/dryer purchase I googled to find out if we could still use our homemade laundry soap (for the tutorial click HERE) that we made.  As it turns out, you can…woohoo!!!

homemade laundry soap

I had to google this because I was looking up something for a craft I am making.  Most everyone that knows me knows that I love to DIY and craft.  I have a friend that has an awesome blog and I am loving all of her DIY posts!  There is a super cute one of a little black and white striped ottoman that has inspired me to create my own version!  Of course, that post will be coming soon including all the deets.    

egypt valley ave

Y’all should definitely check out Erin at EgyptValleyAvenue.com and let her know I sent you!  😉  And if you have a blog you want me to check out, be sure and leave the link in the comments!

Last but certainly not least I bring you a Fiskar bypass tree pruner.  This is not a pic of ours but ours broke while my hubby was trimming the trees.  I had to look up how to submit a warranty claim so we could get a replacement part. 


That’s it for this week folks.  Be sure and check back often and like my facebook page, Life With A Side Of Awesome for updates!!

Stay awesome!! ~lisa




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