Crest® Be Toothpaste

I am a BzzAgent and I was excited to be selected for the Crest Be campaign. 

I wanted to like all of the Crest® Be toothpaste flavors.  I really did.  I wanted to Be Dynamic, Inspired and of course who wouldn’t want to be Adventurous, but I just couldn’t get past the taste. 

Maybe it’s because my mind has been conditioned to only accept and acknowledge a minty taste as be acceptable and an indicator that my teeth are clean.  I am not sure but whatever the case may be here’s my review of three new flavors of Crest® Be Toothpaste.

Crest Be toothpaste

I actually took these with me on vacation as they were travel sized and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to try them.  So that right there tells you I had high hopes for the flavors.  That being said, I also am a realist and I brought a small tube of my regular toothpaste as well.  😉

Crest Be Dynamic

The first one I tried was the Be Dynamic flavor which is supposed to be a lime spearmint zest.  It does smell like spearmint which immediately put my mind at ease.  There’s just a hint of lime to it.  It foams up just like regular toothpaste and does leave my mouth with a “minty” aftertaste so that was good.  Out of the three that I tried, this one was the closest to what I would actually purchase in the store.  Given a choice from my regular flavors versus this one, I would still choose the regular flavor.  Out of 5 stars I rated this 2 stars.

And just so you know, for scientific purposes I did eat some plain saltine crackers in between brushings to “cleanse my palate”.  😉

Crest Be Inspired

Be Inspired was the next flavor that I loaded up onto my toothbrush.  I was definitely not digging the smell but it is supposed to be vanilla mint spark.  I can’t say that it smelled like vanilla or mint and it didn’t smell very “toothpaste-y” to me.  My preference of course is a stronger mint flavor.  The vanilla and mint blended well together and if I was ranking these in order of taste, it would be solidly in second place.  Out of 5 stars I rated this 1 star.

Crest Be Adventurous

The last flavor I tried was the Adventurous Mint Chocolate Trek.  I really wanted to like this one, but I couldn’t quite get there.  The overall taste was fine but I could just not get past the feeling that I was brushing my teeth with an Andes mint or something.  Perhaps because I am so used to a “minty fresh” taste, after brushing with the Mint Chocolate Trek I felt I needed to brush my teeth again so they would be clean.  For those that love chocolate mint this may be the toothpaste to try but for me, I’ll have to pass.  Out of 5 stars I rated this 1 star.

There you have it folks!  Let me know if you’ve tried any of the new flavors and check out my Facebook page, life with a side of awesome, for more updates!

Stay awesome!! ~lisa


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