Cosmos Mystery Area

We were recently in South Dakota and went to check out the Cosmos Mystery Area.  We’ve visited before but we had one of our granddaughters with us so we wanted her to be able to have the fun experience as well!

Here are some pics of the fun we had.  The tour lasts about 30 minutes and they have a pretty awesome gift shop with a lot of great souvenirs. 

One thing you’ll notice is all the bent trees around the Cosmos Mystery Area. 

bent trees

He’s obviously taller than I am…


To me he looks way taller in this shot!


Another mystery….

mystery 1

The water is flowing uphill!!

water running uphill

We all stood on the wall!

nick trying

kennadie trying

me trying it

Poppy trying to raise his legs.

poppy trying

Trying to move the weight…


Another Cosmos Mystery Area mystery…

Nick is taller

same height?

Here are the deets in case you want to check it out:

Pricing –

4 and younger FREE (when accompanied by their own parent)

5-11 years: $4 (when accompanied by their own parent. Applies to families, not groups.)

Adults 12 & above: $10

Tours are approximately 30 minutes long and consist of a slow paced walking tour that is about 100 yards in total length.

Season Dates:

8/1/14 – 8/23/14 8-7pm (weather permitting)

8/24/14 – 10/31/14 9-5pm (weather permitting)

Extended hours on Labor Day weekend – Sat. 8/31 & Sun.9/1 9am – 7pm

And they are open 7 days a week!  🙂

Let me know if you go and how you liked it!  I know you will have a super fun time!! 

Stay awesome!! ~lisa


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  2. Pingback: High 5 Friday!! | life with a side of awesome

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