^ Get it??!!  Hay?? = Hey??!!  ;)  Okay – so I have random humor but let’s get to what this post is about. 


Well not that I have had thousands asking this….and let’s face it not even hundreds or ::cough:: ::cough:: not even dozens but I did have two awesome folks ask me, “Where have you been??”, so I thought I’d give an update!

I have been studying for my Texas Realtor license exam!  WooHoo!!!!  So in addition to my AF WingMom duties I will soon be helping folks with their realty needs and I’m pretty excited about it! 

I’ve also refocused on my eating (trying to do more “clean eating”) and started up my C25k running program!!  WooHoo for getting healthier!

And for those of y’all that follow my DIY adventures, more posts are coming very soon! 

So now you know how I’ve been spending all my free time….what have you been up to?

Stay awesome!! ~lisa


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