My 365 Photo A Day Project – Day 6 – The Wheels On The Bus….

My hubby and I participate in a program with Mesquite ISD called A.L.I.V.E – Active Leaders Inspired by a Vision of Excellence.  A.L.I.V.E. gives us the opportunity to study the internal operations of MISD up close and behind the scenes.  During the course of the program, we are about halfway through, we will cover a variety of topics from curriculum and testing to tax rates and school safety.  We also have the opportunity to pose questions to the decision-makers of Mesquite ISD.

Today we had another meeting and we discussed the finances for the district and then we were able to tour the Transportation Department. 

Here’s our bus….ready to take us on our tour!

our bus ride

Selfie before we leave!  🙂

us on the bus ride

The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round….

a school bus

We had a fun and informative time!  What kind of things are you involved in in your community?

Stay awesome!! ~lisa


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