My 365 Photo A Day Project – Day 7 – My Jewelry Holder

ben and the jewelry holder 

How do you store your jewelry?  My bracelets and necklaces are hanging from various knobs that are on a jewelry holder that my hubby made for me.  { CLICK HERE } to see how we made it. 

jewelry holder2

I was starting to run out of room as I had purchased some more necklaces and bracelets so I went to Hobby Lobby to find some more knobs.  I found some super cute ones to add and my hubby got busy adding them to the holder.


I know that he looks like some masked robber but it’s cold here right now and he had to go to the garage to work on the knobs. 😉  haha!

So all the knobs were added and everything re-hung and I think it turned out great…again!!  Here are the knobs we added. 

new knob1

new knob2 

new knob3 

new knob4

new knob5

new knob6

new knob7

I also added this cute metal swirly rack thing for my bracelets. 

metal hanger

Here’s how it all looks put together.

jewelry holder2

What fun things have you created lately? 

Stay awesome!! ~lisa


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