DIY Barstool Makeover

Do you have any favorite DIY’ers that you follow?  Well I do and she posted this really awesome makeover that got me to thinking….


Is this super cute or what?  You absolutely have to check out her blog.  Her name is Erin and her blog is Egypt Valley Ave 🙂  CLICK HERE to see how her project turned out. 

Now on to my version of her makeover project. 

We’ve had this stool for ages.  This is how it looked just a few weeks ago.

bar stool before

Yes it’s sad looking.  And, in case you are wondering, that is an old pair of shorts covering it.  But it gets better.  Or possibly worse, depending on how you look at it.

I used Poly Foam and just planned on cutting it down to size.  They do make foam in a round shape but I liked the thickness of this one.

poly foam 3x14x14

I removed the old pair of shorts and underneath was a toilet seat cover.  I had used it to cover the chair because it had elastic that kind of kept it held onto the stool.  Note the words…kind of. 😉

bar stool with cover

It gets better!

I removed the toilet seat cover and this is the original cushion.  It’s all cracked and awful looking. 

original bar stool cushion

I flipped it over to see how the cushion was attached.

bottom of barstool

It had a bunch of staples holding it down so I took a flathead screwdriver and some pliers and got to work removing them.

removing staples

I then spray painted the legs to prime them. 


Then I added a lovely gold to the legs. 

painting legs gold

I am totally in love with how it turned out!!

bar stool makeover

What cool things are you working on? 

Stay awesome!! ~lisa


2 thoughts on “DIY Barstool Makeover

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