Easy Panel Curtains

These are the curtains that I used to have in my office.  I made them from an old set of sheets and you can read about that by CLICKING HERE.  I also made the tie-backs and they look fine but I felt like they weren’t really adding much to the room style-wise.   

curtains before

I loved the black and white striped material that I used for my barstool makeover (I’ve mentioned how I’m obsessing about it) and I wanted to add some more drama to my office so I made some super easy panel curtains. 

I bought several yards of material and cut it in half lengthwise.  How many yards depends on the length that you want them to be and how large your window is.  I then sewed the edges but you can also use no sew tape to achieve the same results.  I purchased these really cool hanging clips to hang the panels from and that’s it!  It’s so super easy and fast to create, that you could do this in one afternoon.

hanging clips

curtain panels

new curtain panels 

I totally love how they look and feel like they add a bit of drama to the room.  🙂

What have you created lately? 

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa


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