High 5 Friday!!

It’s Friday….woohoo!!! 

01.23.15 high 5 friday

First up is something yummy for your tummy….

mini meatloaves

I made mini meatloaves for dinner the other night.  I’ve made them before and each time it has been really yummy for my tummy!  It’s super easy to make and all you need to do is {{ CLICK HERE }} to check out the recipe.

pin cushion

This has been something that has puzzled me for years…the pin cushion.  What the heck is it?  A tomato?  A strawberry?  Both?  Why?  I of course googled it and found this on {{ Wikipedia.org }}:

One popular design—a tomato with a strawberry attached—was most likely introduced during the Victorian Era.  According to folklore, placing a tomato on the mantel of a new house guaranteed prosperity and repelled evil spirits.  If tomatoes were out of season, families improvised by using a round ball of red fabric filled with sand or sawdust.  The good-luck symbol also served a practical purpose—a place to store pins.  Typically, the tomato is filled with wool roving to prevent rust, and the strawberry is filled with an abrasive to clean and sharpen the pins.

So now you know….


I tend to use the word amongst and when I do it will put the red squiggly line under it indicating that the word was misspelled.  What the heck?  I’m sure it’s a word….or at least pretty sure!  So of course I had to google it and on Grammarist it said:

Amongst is a variant of among. There is no difference between them. While amongst is fairly common—though still rare compared to among—in British, Australian, and Canadian English, it is rare in American English and may even have an archaic ring.

It may be archaic but I was right….it’s a word!  Score!  Squiggly red line – 0 and Lisa – 1…haha!

milk glass

I collect things but I don’t go overboard with any of it.  I wouldn’t even really say that I “collect” milk glass since I only have a handful of items.  I took this is a pic for My 365 Photo A Day Project and it got me to thinking about milk glass collections.  In fact, there’s a National Milk Glass Collector’s Society….who knew??  I know now that I googled it. 

And finally…brown sugar.

brown sugar

I went to the store and was going to purchase some brown sugar.  As I was picking up a bag I noticed there were two different colors.  A light brown sugar and a dark brown sugar.  Which one was I supposed to choose?  According to Taste of Home, both types of brown sugar are a mixture of sugar and molasses, with dark brown sugar containing more molasses than light brown sugar.Light brown sugar has a delicate flavor while dark brown sugar has a stronger more intense molasses flavor. They can be used interchangeably depending on your personal preference.

There ya have it….and obviously I went for the light brown sugar. 

Hope y’all had a great week and I’d love to hear about your google searches!!

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa


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