My 365 Photo A Day Project – Day 35 – Pass the plate…

I know that sometimes I think about things a little differently than some people. 

ben and plates

So here’s Ben, the traveling ninja, and some plates in our cupboard.  There are only two people in our house that eat off of plates so “normally” only the first few plates are really ever used.  I think that the bottom plates feel kind of left out so periodically I will rotate them by taking off a few of the top plates and putting them on the bottom.  Eventually the bottom plates make their way to the top and get to feel the joy of being used. 

{{ Does this make me crazy that I do this?? }}

You don’t have to answer that….no really you don’t.  😉  I mean surely I am not the *only* one….right?

Stay awesome y’all!  ~lisa


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