My 365 Photo A Day Project – Day 46 – Ah…ah…achoo!!! Allergy testing day…

Today was my first ever allergy test.  I tested positive for all the allergies that they tested me for…and I didn’t even study!  haha! 

Now this pic of two of the test areas looks a little yucky but it looks worse than it actually felt.

allergy testing

They cleaned the test sites and then took this rectangular thing with 8 different needles and then pricked my skin.  They had three different areas that they tested.  All the sites immediately puffed up and some of them itched.  Except that you weren’t supposed to itch it or touch it for 10 minutes.  That’s easier said than done. 😉   

Based on my awesome results I’ll be starting allergy serum soon….yea me! 

What fun things did you do today?

Stay awesome!! ~lisa


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