My 365 Photo A Day Project – Day 80 – Airport layovers can be awesome!

Especially when they are long enough to allow one of your kids to join you for lunch while another is in town!

me and nick

Sarah was already in town so she also got to see her brother!  They live in different states so this was an extra fun treat!

sarah and nick

Papa and Gramma were also happy to see both of them!

papa, sarah, nick, gramma

My kids always love seeing Aunt Gina, Uncle Jarrett, their cousin Ellie and their cousin-to-be.

sarah, nick, ellie, jarrett, gina

We were also joined by Carrie, Kellie and our family friend Daisy!  😉  Her real name is April but my Mom called her Daisy and it was kind of funny.

kellie, aril, nick and carrie

kellie, sarah, april, nick and carrie 

If only they had all looked at the same camera at the same time…..haha!

Have you ever had an awesome layover?

Stay awesome y’all! ~lisa


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