My 365 Photo A Day Project – Day 119 – Deal or no deal?

I absolutely LOVE getting a good deal on things that I want or need and I absolutely LOVE shopping at JC Penney so today was an awesome shopping day!

I get lots of coupons from JC Penney in the mail and recently I received two coupons.  One was $15 off of a $15 purchase and $10 off of a $10 purchase.  Sweet!  So I headed to the mall, armed with my coupons and a rough plan in my mind of what I was looking for. 

I first stopped at the accessories department and found the perfect wide brown belt that was stretch and would complement several of my outfits perfectly!  The cool thing was it was on sale for $15.60, regularly $26 so I snatched that puppy right up! 

I then browsed the intimate apparel section and I found an awesome pair of pajama pants that were on the clearance rack for $12.99, regular price was $30 so I picked those up and headed to the register. 

gray pajama pants and brown belt

So here’s how the deal worked in two separate transactions.

Deal 1 – MX stretch brown belt, regularly $26 on sale for $15.60 – $15 off a $15 purchase = $.65

Deal 2 – Flirtitude slim fit heather gray pajama pants, regularly $30 on clearance for $12.99 – $10 off of a $10 purchase = $3.24

Total – $56 before discounts/coupons.  Total after – $3.89!  I saved $52.11.  Not too shabby.

What good deals have you found today?

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa


My 365 Photo A Day Project – Day 118 – Hair today….gone tomorrow….

Actually hair today, gone today but not all of it. 

Here’s the before:

longer hair

And yes I know I have dark hair and it’s hard to see my hair against the cape but if you try…you can see it.

And then my hair stylist cut off about 4 or so inches. 

long but shorter than it was

Not a drastic change but definitely one I noticed.  Maybe next time I’ll cut it so it’s right at my shoulders…or maybe not.

Y’all know that right now I’ve got a serious crush on Candace Cameron Bure and I love how she cut her hair.


Doesn’t it look awesome?  Of course she’s so stinking cute herself that she’d make just about any cut look good. 

What do you think I should do with my hair?

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa

My 365 Photo A Day Project – Day 116 – If nothing ever changed there’d be no butterflies…

Change happens and how we deal with it says a lot about us.

Do you embrace it or resist it? 

Do you accept or reject it?

Today I discovered that there are some changes coming our way….


…in the form of butterflies!!  I counted 5 cocoons around our doorway and I’m not sure how long it’ll take for the butterflies to emerge but I’m pretty excited. 

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a caterpillar turn into a butterfly.  Have you?

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa

My 365 Photo A Day Project – Day 96 – Craft and cat bites…

One of my favorite stores to to shop and browse in is Hobby Lobby.  Lots of great craft inspiration can be found there and I found a couple of possible future projects.

The first one is an Easter canvas.  I typically don’t decorate a whole lot for Easter.  This year I had several vases of fresh flowers and then a couple of bunnies around the living room.  I spotted this little cute canvas and I think I’m going to try for next year.

Easter canvas

I also came across this glass jugs that were painted gold on the bottom.  I have a couple of mini glass jugs that this would look super cute on!  Definitely going on the project list. 

gold jugs

And last but not least is our cat Homie who rules the household.  Tonight for some reason he was “biting” Marvin. 

homie biting

He’s vicious!  I guess he’s trying to keep us in check…haha!!

What are y’all up to today!

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa