My 365 Photo A Day Project – Day 96 – Craft and cat bites…

One of my favorite stores to to shop and browse in is Hobby Lobby.  Lots of great craft inspiration can be found there and I found a couple of possible future projects.

The first one is an Easter canvas.  I typically don’t decorate a whole lot for Easter.  This year I had several vases of fresh flowers and then a couple of bunnies around the living room.  I spotted this little cute canvas and I think I’m going to try for next year.

Easter canvas

I also came across this glass jugs that were painted gold on the bottom.  I have a couple of mini glass jugs that this would look super cute on!  Definitely going on the project list. 

gold jugs

And last but not least is our cat Homie who rules the household.  Tonight for some reason he was “biting” Marvin. 

homie biting

He’s vicious!  I guess he’s trying to keep us in check…haha!!

What are y’all up to today!

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa


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