My 365 Photo A Day Project – Day 99 – Hair today….gone tomorrow?

That’s right folks….I’m thinking about cutting my hair.  I know, I know….I’ve been threatening to do this for F.O.R.E.V.E.R but this time I am serious.  Maybe

Here is a pic of my hair from just a few moments ago


Lately I’ve been washing it at night and then letting it air-dry overnight.  In the morning I touch up the waves with my wand (wishing it was a magic wand but it isn’t) and then sometimes curling the ends because I don’t like the ends to just like stick out. 

This has been working fine but you know how you get in the mood for something different?  Here are some looks that I have really had my eye on…


Of course this is Sandra Bullock and she looks great in this style but I don’t want to go that short.  So maybe the general style but longer?


I really like this cut that Candace Cameron Bure is sporting but would have to grow out my bangs and that would take FOREVER. And we all know about that “growing out my bangs” phase that I’d have to deal with.


This style is practically what I’m wearing now but a tad shorter.  Wouldn’t be much of a change so it would definitely be the easiest to do but I was hoping for more of a change….know what I mean?


And because I’m pretty much obsessing about Candace (I just call her Candace now because I feel like we are friends), here is another pic of her.  This is a great style which looks to be shorter than my current length but has much longer bangs.  Again though, not much “change” to it. 


The pic of Lauren Conrad is a cut my hubby suggested.  He thought it looked low maintenance and maybe he’s right.  I like it but it’s not quite it just yet…


I think this pic of Melissa Rycroft is super cute and very doable and probably the closest to what I’d actually do.  Just about the length I’d be comfortable going to as it’s not too short and still has some curl to it. 

So what do y’all think?  My main issue is that I really like my long hair…haha!!!  I am not sure if I’ll ever make up my mind! 

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa


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