Toilet Paper Rose Wreath….finished!

I made a “rose” wreath out of toilet paper rolls.  I know, a somewhat unique medium to use but I think it turned out great. 

I gathered a ton of empty toilet paper rolls. 

toilet paper rolls 2

After cutting them into thirds and then into spirals I attached them to the wreath form.

taking shape 

I spray painted them but as you will see in this photo…the previously “invisible” glue strands are now visible after painting!  Aaacckkk!!!  I’ll have to clean that up but I am excited about how it’s taking shape!

glue strands 2  

I finished gluing everything and cleaned it up and added a gold ribbon to hang it from the wall.

toilet paper rose wreath complete  

After taking this pic I did center it better….but I’m still pretty happy with how it turned out!

What awesome things have you reused, recycled or repurposed lately?

Stay awesome!! ~lisa



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