My 365 Photo A Day Project – Day 110 – A “marv”elous day…

Today is my husbands birthday and while I don’t need a special day to celebrate him it is always fun to do so!

We started off this morning by going to the Key Communicators Breakfast Spring 2015.

Dallas had something where they had these “BIG” signs and their thing was, BIG things are happening in Dallas.  You would take a pic with it and you would be the “I” in BIG.  Mesquite ISD has their own sign and it means:

Believe in the vision
Infuse rigor and excellence
Give your best

And so my hubby took a pic with the sign!


I love his enthusiasm and passion for life and willingness to do fun things!

We are celebrating with family next week so tonight I bought two little bundt cakes and sang Happy Awesome Birthday to him. 😉

Happy Awesome Birthday

Yes – my Easter stuff is still out on the table back there…don’t judge…haha!

When is your birthday?

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa


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