Mesquite Marketplace, Mesquite TX

Today we went to the Mesquite Marketplace in historic downtown Mesquite, TX. 



I’m making a housewarming gift basket for a client that will be closing on their home soon so I decided to check out the local vendors and see what they had to offer.




I met some really great vendors like Delia with Pura Life.

delia, pura life 

These soy candles all smelled so great and she helped me pick out this really great scent called Fall Leaves.

pura life, fall leaves

You can check out more by visiting Pura Life on Facebook.

I also bought some local honey from Charis Honey Farms.

charis honey farms


We had some samples and I love the fact that it’s local honey, 100% pure, raw and unheated.  It also contains all the pollens, enzymes and nutrients as originally designed…..and it tastes yummy!  You can see them at the next Mesquite Marketplace or call Bob Michel, Beekeeper at 972.412.1861

As I made my way around I ran into Jami from Jami’s Handmade Pies and More; The Plate and Cork and guess what??  It was my friend Jami from high school!!


I bought some jam from her and it’s called, Spirited Fruit and the flavor is Pineapple Grand Marnier Jam. 

spirited fruit

You can check out her site on Facebook, Jami’s Handmade Pies and More; The Plate and Cork.

Then I came across Pastamore’ Express which is a company that specializes in olive oils, barrel aged balsamic vinegars, marinades, pastas and grilling sauces.


Sheila helped me choose Caribbean Rum Marinade & Grill Sauce.

caribbean rum marinade

Finally I met Stephanie with Pinson & Cole’s Gourmet Pickles.


Honestly, I’m not much into pickles personally but theses are awesome!  I chose Italian Garlic & Herbs.  Here’s the link to her Facebook:  Pic-licious.

italian garlic & herb

We had a great time meeting some local vendors!  I hope to see y’all at the next Mesquite Marketplace!  It’s the second Saturday of the month at the Historic Square in Mesquite, TX.

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa


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