My 365 Photo A Day Project – Day 178 – A calendar and some tape…

What do those two things have in common?  Virtually nothing except when the two meet interesting things can happen.

I have a slight obsession with planners and organizers and well…office supplies in general.  I have several friends that were buying the Erin Condren planners and while they are awesome there is a good portion of my life and my days that are scheduled out with appointments.  That planner didn’t offer an appointment option so I decided to stick with the free calendar that I was using. 

Except it was plain. 

And not cute.

So the idea of jazzing it up jumped in my head and the very next time I was at Hobby Lobby I decided to check out the various things I could use to spruce it up.  I found some black and silver tape so I decided to put horizontal stripes on my calendar as kind of a nod to my Kate Spade phone cover. 

planner before and after

Before…and after!

I think it turned out pretty cute and although the tape is not permanent it is a great solution to the not so cute cover situation. 

Next up is a fabric cover with pockets!  I’ll post a tutorial of sorts when I complete it.

What crafty things have you created today?

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa


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