My Beauty Blender Blotterazzi Review

I bought the new Beauty Blender Blotterazzi today at Sephora. 


I’ve already tried it out and I like it. 

End of review.

Just kidding….I had seen a review of this by Bunny, aka grav3yardgirl on youtube and knew I wanted to try it.  I have really oily skin and those oil blotting tissues are expensive! 

blotterazzi and cleanser

The Blotterazzi comes with two pink reusable sponges, a sample of their cleansing solution and a cute little compact with a mirror to hold the sponge.

compact with mirror

I used it today and noted that on the directions it says to: Place prominent bottom half of blotterazzi gently against larger areas of the face (ie T-zone, cheeks, or chin) to absorb shine and maintain a flawless finish on existing makeup. 

Now just placing it gently wasn’t really doing anything.  I blotted a little harder and I also gently wiped and it really did seem to take away the oil. 

I think you can buy oil blotting tissues for $4-$7 and depending on the brand you get will depend on how many sheets are in there but when I buy them I use them so sparingly that they do end up lasting me for forever.  But then I still have oily skin so what was the point of buying something and not using it?  I think I have a hang up about throwing it away versus the blotterazzi which is a reusable product.  And of course that could just be my random logic that I am using to justify the purchase?  haha!

Even my new little princess approves 🙂


Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa


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