My 365 Photo A Day Project – Day 236 – Meeting CMSAF Cody….and conspicuously snapping photos of other folks….

I have a nonprofit that supports those with a loved one in the Air Force (you can check it out here: AF WingMoms) and I found out that several folks that I wanted to meet would be at Lackland this week so I rearranged a few things and made some impromptu plans to go to San Antonio. 

We did stop by Buc-ee’s which is this crazy big gas station/store where you can buy literally just about anything.  The prices weren’t outrageously high and it was fun to stop, stretch our legs and shop for a bit.

at buc-ee's 

We made it to San Antonio!


After traveling you know that I am ready to find a good spot to eat.  As it turns out, there was a really great restaurant right next to the hotel and I had myself a big ole bowl of caldo de res!

Caldo de Res

We got up bright and early and took a pic in front of this sign.  I was so excited!

me and riley

Here’s me trying to take a pic of General Welsh…..

gen welsh 

And I’m totally trying to snap pics of them while they are talking.

cmsaf cody

The lady that was standing next to meet called Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Cody over and he agreed to take a pic with me!  I shared very briefly about the organization that I represent and I don’t remember much else….I was just too excited.  🙂

me with cmsaf cody 

I also got a chance to briefly talk to Mrs. Welsh and Mrs. Cody.  It was great sharing about my group and talking about ways to help our Air Force families and spouses.  I didn’t get a pic with them but took advantage of them posing for another. 


And…..I also was able to take a pic with Lieutenant General Roberson

 with roberson  

Finally was able to get a pic of Secretary of the Air Force James as she was preparing to leave.

secretary of the af 

A very exciting day and I was so proud to share about my organization and the things we do to help Air Force families!

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa


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