Scrap Wood Pumpkin Craft

When we made the shelves in my office there was scrap wood left over and I was doing the :::happy dance::: about that because I had several crafts that I wanted to make out of them! 

The first project is to turn some of them into pumpkins.  I really enjoy the fall season because it is so fun to decorate!

So here we have just some plain wood…waiting begging to be transformed into something new and fun!

plain wood

I bought several different colors of orange paint as I wasn’t sure which one would give me that “pumpkiny” feeling.

first coat of paint

I got them all painted and we are ready to take the next step!

I needed to add stems.  I decided to use these cork stoppers but you can use branches from a bush or tree or even more wood scraps.

adding stems

I wanted the pumpkins to have a little more dimension to them so I took a screwdriver and “scored” the wood, painted brown over the scored lines and then painted another coat of orange. 


I added some berries, some twine and painted the cork stoppers brown to finish them off.


I think they turned out pretty good!

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa


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