High 5 Friday – 09.25.15


1.  I love seeing inspiration OOTD and travel outfit ideas.  One of my favorite youtuber’s is Ingrid Nilsen and she has a great packing video.  CLICK HERE to watch it.  In the video she packs a pair of flats that have a cat face on them and they are completely adorbs!  I’ve been hunting for a reasonably priced pair and came across this pair at Target.  They are a toddler’s size and although I do have a very small foot they aren’t big enough for me.  The hunt continues….

2.  Have you ever had garlic mash?  I have never had it so I googled several recipes and came to the conclusion that it’s basically just making mashed potatoes but substituting the cauliflower for the potatoes. 

We did make it but I added too much milk so it was a bit runny for my taste.  I will try it again soon though.  I mean I am trying to eat healthier and all.  haha!

3.  I’ve never gotten into the animal print trend but recently have felt drawn to it.  I started searching online for some great options but have come up short.  My problem is the ones I like are expensive and I prefer to be a lot more frugal in my purchases.  If you happen to come across a really cute pair let me know!

And while we are on the subject of animal print flats…what is the difference between leopard and cheetah?  I’m still struggling with that question. 

4.  Ellipsis.  If you have read my blog or follow me on any social media then you know that I love ellipsis and use them often.  Probably too much but I just can’t help myself.  When I write I think in my head and in my head I pause so I then use ellipsis.

This actually came up because a friend posted on facebook that one of her friends was overusing ellipsis.  Maybe it was me?  😉

5.  Ozona’s will be the site of my high school reunion.  I can’t believe it has been 30 years since I graduated from high school but it has and it will be fun to see old friends and reconnect. 

Stay awesome y’all!!! ~lisa


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