My Airport Travel Fashion Style

I took a recent trip to Washington state to see my grandkids and I wanted to wear some versatile and comfy outfits for my plane trip. 

For the trip up I wore this black maxi skirt and I paired it with a CAbi chambray shirt.  I have a black and white striped tank underneath it but it’s not really visible.  I slipped on some TOMS and I was ready to go.

lifestyleblogger travel outfit 1

lifestyle blogger travel outfit 2

Another travel outfit option that I wore on this trip is a pair of Liz Claiborne jeans, a simple tee and a Neiman Marcus stretch knit blazer.  I love wearing my TOMS when traveling so I added those as well.

lifestyle blogger travel outfit 3

Here is another great option.


My Liz Claiborne jean and a simple tee topped with an olive green military jacket with my trusty TOMS are a perfect travel outfit. 

Anytime I travel I also bring a pashmina with me for added warmth and comfort.

What are your favorite travel outfits?

Stay awesome y’all! ~lisa


High 5 Friday – 10.09.15

Another edition of {{ HIGH 5 FRIDAY }} is ready!



First up is the topic of jeans.  Specifically….how often should you wash them?  According to this article on WHOWHATWEAR, you should wash them after four or five times of wearing them.  Now in Texas it is hot and we sweat so I will adjust the washing times during the hotter months but will definitely be wearing them longer than I have been during the colder months.

333 page 1 

Project 333 has been on my mind lately.  I would love to pare down my closet although I’m not sure if I could get all the way down to only 33 items.  This is just 33 items per season so there is some changing out of items that would help it not be too boring.  What do you think?  Could you reduce down to 33 items? 


Ozona came up on my search again because I needed directions to it for last Saturday night.  We had a blast 🙂


The other day someone was spelling out something and they were trying to spell it phonetically.  I had memorized this, the NATO phonetic alphabet, before but couldn’t remember what the M word was.  It is Mike.  I had to look it up otherwise it would bother me and then come to me at like 2 in the morning. 


Who remembers Gorf?  One summer my family was visiting relatives up north in the Minnesota/LaCrosse area. There was a store called the Plaid Pantry that my brother and I went to and that is where we first played Gorf.  Memories…..

Hope y’all have a great weekend!

Stay awesome!! ~lisa


**cue trumpets blaring**

I am going to go through my closet sections at a time. I tried on all my “formal” dresses and found that two just really don’t fit and I haven’t worn one of the dresses since 2004 and the other since 2008. I know what you are thinking….YIKES! Seriously?? I’ve kept a dress for 11 years and haven’t worn it since the one time that I did!

I took pics of the ones that I am keeping to add to my Stylebook (an app on my phone) so I know what dresses I have for fancy occasions and then I packed them in a clear container and put it on the top shelf of my closet. If I have a need for a special occasion outfit then I’ll just pull them down and dry clean them if needed to freshen them up. Just by doing that I’ve eliminated 5 hangers from my closet. Felt good to accomplish that!

Tomorrow I will tackle another area. I’m only getting rid of stuff that does not fit and that I have no real hopes of fitting or stuff that is just not going to be utilized with other things. I’ve decided to stick with the neutral color of black as my “base” color. Might possibly add gay or camel or beige as well. Not sure which one….what do y’all think would be a good second neutral color?

And then as for as my other colors that I will keep in my palette, I am going to try to stick with jewel tones. Specifically teals, aqua’s, olive greens and emerald greens. I like how my eyes look with those colors. But I will still have other colors in my closet.

I’m excited to work through my closet but I don’t want to try and do it all in one day/night. Well, actually I do but my allergies can’t handle it and I don’t want to get tired and possibly not make a good decision about what stays and what goes. I just keep thinking that I’m going to have more space and less “stuff” and that will be an awesome thing.

So that’s what I am thinking about right now.

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa

Time for a wardrobe change…

I have been reading this awesome blog, Putting Me Together and it’s been eye opening.  It talks about restyling and remixing your wardrobe.  It is a great resource for those of you thinking about doing a wardrobe overhaul. 

I also found this app, called StyleBook and it helps you manage your wardrobe from your iPhone.  How cool is that?  You do have to upload pics of each piece of your wardrobe but I think it’s a great way to really take a look at what you have and see where you might have some gaps in your wardrobe. 

And speaking of gaps in your wardrobe, how many pieces should you have in your wardrobe?  There’s something called Project 333 that goes into detail about really reducing the number of clothing items in your closet.  They’d like you to get down to 33 pieces but I’m not sure if I’m that dedicated.  I mostly want to make sure I have good staple pieces in my closet  that I can really use and make the most of. 

So along those lines of thought, my first step is tackling my closet….


Stay awesome ‘all!  ~lisa

Finding OOTD Inspiration

Okay so I may or may not be *that* person that sneaks pics of people for my OOTD inspiration.  😉

You can look in the obvious places such as the department store, fashion week etc. and those are great places but sometimes you need to think outside the box.   

This first pic is my inspiration piece that I’m recreating for my next trip.  I saw it when I was traveling to DC a couple of years ago and I love how comfy it looks!  Now that I have my new CAbi chambray shirt, I just need the skirt to complete the look and I saw a good match for it at Target.

The airport is an excellent place to get ideas on what to wear when traveling because in an airport, that’s exactly what almost everyone there is doing!  You will see all kinds of style from super casual to business suits and everything in between. 

OOTD inspiration 1

This second pic was taken at a local Starbucks and I like how she paired a graphic tee with some dressy capris and then added the shoes for a pop of color. 

The great thing about scoping out ideas in unusual places like a coffee shop, is that you will get a great blend of styles represented.  Next time you are out and about, if you notice a great outfit, take note of it or even better yet…take a pic! 


You can find inspiration everywhere you go…you just need to look!  What do y’all think?

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa


Shopping in my own closet!

I’ve been doing really well at watching what I eat and as a result I have been losing some weight. 

I am probably not the only one that does this but I have clothes in various sizes.  I’ve fluctuated in my weight for years now and the last time I lost weight I said that was the last time.  This time, as I am still losing weight, will be the last time that I lose weight and…I REALLY MEAN IT!!   😉

Today I had on a pair of shorts that fit pretty good at the start of summer and today I was surprised that I could take them off without even unbuttoning or anything.  I’ve hesitated on trying on any of my “smaller” clothes so as not to get discouraged but after noticing how loose the shorts were I started taking a peek in the back depths of my closet and spent a portion of the morning trying on clothes and “shopping” in my own closet!

I just “bought” 2 skirts, 2 pairs of dress capris, 2 dresses and a pair of jeans! And it was all FREE!! haha!!!

Keep focus on your goals until they become a reality.

a year from now

And stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa