Shopping in my own closet!

I’ve been doing really well at watching what I eat and as a result I have been losing some weight. 

I am probably not the only one that does this but I have clothes in various sizes.  I’ve fluctuated in my weight for years now and the last time I lost weight I said that was the last time.  This time, as I am still losing weight, will be the last time that I lose weight and…I REALLY MEAN IT!!   😉

Today I had on a pair of shorts that fit pretty good at the start of summer and today I was surprised that I could take them off without even unbuttoning or anything.  I’ve hesitated on trying on any of my “smaller” clothes so as not to get discouraged but after noticing how loose the shorts were I started taking a peek in the back depths of my closet and spent a portion of the morning trying on clothes and “shopping” in my own closet!

I just “bought” 2 skirts, 2 pairs of dress capris, 2 dresses and a pair of jeans! And it was all FREE!! haha!!!

Keep focus on your goals until they become a reality.

a year from now

And stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa


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