Finding OOTD Inspiration

Okay so I may or may not be *that* person that sneaks pics of people for my OOTD inspiration.  😉

You can look in the obvious places such as the department store, fashion week etc. and those are great places but sometimes you need to think outside the box.   

This first pic is my inspiration piece that I’m recreating for my next trip.  I saw it when I was traveling to DC a couple of years ago and I love how comfy it looks!  Now that I have my new CAbi chambray shirt, I just need the skirt to complete the look and I saw a good match for it at Target.

The airport is an excellent place to get ideas on what to wear when traveling because in an airport, that’s exactly what almost everyone there is doing!  You will see all kinds of style from super casual to business suits and everything in between. 

OOTD inspiration 1

This second pic was taken at a local Starbucks and I like how she paired a graphic tee with some dressy capris and then added the shoes for a pop of color. 

The great thing about scoping out ideas in unusual places like a coffee shop, is that you will get a great blend of styles represented.  Next time you are out and about, if you notice a great outfit, take note of it or even better yet…take a pic! 


You can find inspiration everywhere you go…you just need to look!  What do y’all think?

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa



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