Time for a wardrobe change…

I have been reading this awesome blog, Putting Me Together and it’s been eye opening.  It talks about restyling and remixing your wardrobe.  It is a great resource for those of you thinking about doing a wardrobe overhaul. 

I also found this app, called StyleBook and it helps you manage your wardrobe from your iPhone.  How cool is that?  You do have to upload pics of each piece of your wardrobe but I think it’s a great way to really take a look at what you have and see where you might have some gaps in your wardrobe. 

And speaking of gaps in your wardrobe, how many pieces should you have in your wardrobe?  There’s something called Project 333 that goes into detail about really reducing the number of clothing items in your closet.  They’d like you to get down to 33 pieces but I’m not sure if I’m that dedicated.  I mostly want to make sure I have good staple pieces in my closet  that I can really use and make the most of. 

So along those lines of thought, my first step is tackling my closet….


Stay awesome ‘all!  ~lisa


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