High 5 Friday – 10.09.15

Another edition of {{ HIGH 5 FRIDAY }} is ready!



First up is the topic of jeans.  Specifically….how often should you wash them?  According to this article on WHOWHATWEAR, you should wash them after four or five times of wearing them.  Now in Texas it is hot and we sweat so I will adjust the washing times during the hotter months but will definitely be wearing them longer than I have been during the colder months.

333 page 1 

Project 333 has been on my mind lately.  I would love to pare down my closet although I’m not sure if I could get all the way down to only 33 items.  This is just 33 items per season so there is some changing out of items that would help it not be too boring.  What do you think?  Could you reduce down to 33 items? 


Ozona came up on my search again because I needed directions to it for last Saturday night.  We had a blast 🙂


The other day someone was spelling out something and they were trying to spell it phonetically.  I had memorized this, the NATO phonetic alphabet, before but couldn’t remember what the M word was.  It is Mike.  I had to look it up otherwise it would bother me and then come to me at like 2 in the morning. 


Who remembers Gorf?  One summer my family was visiting relatives up north in the Minnesota/LaCrosse area. There was a store called the Plaid Pantry that my brother and I went to and that is where we first played Gorf.  Memories…..

Hope y’all have a great weekend!

Stay awesome!! ~lisa


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