My Airport Travel Fashion Style

I took a recent trip to Washington state to see my grandkids and I wanted to wear some versatile and comfy outfits for my plane trip. 

For the trip up I wore this black maxi skirt and I paired it with a CAbi chambray shirt.  I have a black and white striped tank underneath it but it’s not really visible.  I slipped on some TOMS and I was ready to go.

lifestyleblogger travel outfit 1

lifestyle blogger travel outfit 2

Another travel outfit option that I wore on this trip is a pair of Liz Claiborne jeans, a simple tee and a Neiman Marcus stretch knit blazer.  I love wearing my TOMS when traveling so I added those as well.

lifestyle blogger travel outfit 3

Here is another great option.


My Liz Claiborne jean and a simple tee topped with an olive green military jacket with my trusty TOMS are a perfect travel outfit. 

Anytime I travel I also bring a pashmina with me for added warmth and comfort.

What are your favorite travel outfits?

Stay awesome y’all! ~lisa


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