Ankle bootie decisions…

I recently ordered some taupe TOMS booties.  Super cute and I’m in love with them already!!

{photo credit TOMS website} 

But then I saw these from Target…..

{photo credit Target website}

Now I admit they are very similar and I prefer the TOMS as they have more detail to them and the bottom is different.  What I don’t like is that the TOMS are $89 and the ones from Target are $34.99

I’ve ordered both so we’ll see how they feel when they come in but unless I am just completely blown away by the comfort and fit I will probably be going with the ones from Target.

And I got so excited about how much I was saving that I bought these leopard print flats for $14.99!

{photo credit Target website}

I mean seriously, every girl needs a great pair of leopard print flats in her closet, right?

Which ones would you have chosen?

Stay awesome y’all! ~lisa


2 thoughts on “Ankle bootie decisions…

  1. I have the Target version in both tan and black. Two for less than the price of one pair of the Toms. I’m happy!!

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