Candy snowman

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Today I took some little mini Hershey’s chocolate bars, white paper, kids gloves and a black and an orange marker and made little snowmen.

I made a template and cut out a bunch of pieces of paper.  I added the eyes and mouth with a black marker and the nose with an orange marker.  I wrapped it around the candy and taped it shut.  To make the hat I cut fingers off of a kids stretch gloves and rolled it up just a bit and then stretched it over the top of the candy. 

lifestyle blogger, craft blogger

I think they turned out cute. 

What crafting have you done lately?

Stay awesome y’all!  ~lisa


Vonte Mac….no matter what

I love my husband and how he can make me smile in so many different ways.  He wrote this note for me.   

vonte mack

This is a quote from a movie that we both enjoy, Draft Day.  He knew that I would “get it” and it’s amazing to be in a relationship where we can have fun.

Marriage isn’t easy but when you work at making each other happy and have fun while doing it it can be really wonderful.

Stay awesome y’all! ~lisa