Plum and my favorite black sweater


This sweater gets paired with so many of my outfits but I need to try to incorporate more of my other outerwear pieces.  In addition to the sweater, I have on a plum colored shirt, bf jeans and my favorite TOMS booties.  It’s a definite go to outfit for me.

What are you wearing today?  Tag me on Instagram @sideofawesome5 so I can see your #ootd!

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa


When in doubt….wear layers all about….


It turned cold again in Texas.  And by cold I mean it was like 51.  not necessarily arctic weather but we were just getting used to some spring like temps and then BAM!!  Back down to the 50’s we went. 

That’s why layering is a good option when living down in the south.  You can add more layers in the morning and when it warms up, you can just take a layer or two off.  Easy peasy.

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa

Mesquite Marshals opening night


We attended the season opener of the Mesquite Marshals at Mesquite Arena and we had a total blast! 

A local high school band provided music, as well as another local high school drill team provided half-time entertainment.  They had cheerleaders and a lot of folks in attendance.  The energy level was high, the crowd was engaged and despite a 31-30 loss, everyone had an awesome time. 

Be sure and check out their next game on March 5th!

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa