Mixing it up in a capsule wardrobe

I’m trying to mix things up with how I am style my outfits.  Let’s take one of my recent OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) as an example.


To y’all this may seem like just another outfit but for me it’s different.  I have never, ever worn this color tee with these pants.  Ever.  I normally wear a dark teal shirt.

I decided that I want to reduce the number of clothing items I have, while at the same time increasing my wardrobes functionality.  So I paired the oxblood red tee, cream colored sweater and oxblood red shoes with my beige pants.

Just the simple act of switching out a shirt makes a whole new outfit choice.  I expanded my styling horizons and at the end of the day I was wondering why I had never done it before!  And do you want to know why I hadn’t?  Because when I bought the pants I already had it set in my mind the specific shirt I’d wear with it.  And then I never deviated.

Do you do that with your own wardrobe?  Limit it by putting “rules” in place that don’t truly exist outside of your own head?  I challenge you to expand your mind, and your wardrobe and pair some items that you wouldn’t normally pair together.

Let me know if you’ve started a capsule wardrobe or if you’ve paired anything different lately.  This is going to be a fun journey.

Stay awesome!! ~lisa


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