Capsule Wardrobe Section 2

I’ve divided up my closet and clothing areas into sections.  This is what Section 2 looked like “before”.


This is what Section 2 looks like “after”.


Now this “progress” may seem a bit deceiving to y’all.  All I really did was move the items in that area to the clothes rack in my office.  I hadn’t gone through it, all 40 items, other than to pull these seven items and put them back.  I put them back because I wear them often, they still fit and are in good repair.

There are some other items I will be definitely be bringing back but I haven’t started sorting it yet.  I like the uncluttered look so much that I hope I am very selective as I put things back.

How are y’all doing with your capsule wardrobes?  Are you making any progress?  Are you struggling and hanging onto items that you just need to really let go?  Let me know how you are doing.

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa


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