I’m glad I got this pic before….


I spilled my hot chocolate.

See what happened is, I was trying to carry in all my stuff at once and I was balancing what I *thought* was my empty cup of hot chocolate on top and then…well I found out my cup wasn’t empty.  But that’s okay because for the rest of the day I smelled like cocoa.  Well that wasn’t really okay but there are worse things I could smell like, right?

I’ve been talking about minimizing and downsizing stuff and today I wore a pair of white low heels that I hadn’t worn in, well, years.  I was wondering to myself why hadn’t I worn these?  They were cute and strappy and perfect for summer.  Except they hurt my feet.  In less than 5 minutes my feet were uncomfortable so luckily I was still home and switched to my comfy white flip flops.

How was your day?

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa


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