Wardrobe planning…


What does living an intentional life really mean?  It can mean many different things and come in all shapes and forms.

For me, this week, I planned out my outfits for the week so I had one less thing to think about in the morning.  I wanted to be more intentional in what I wore so that it wasn’t taking time away from my morning trying to decide what to wear.  I feel like some of my morning is wasted thinking about that and that just seems silly.

So I put together some outfits for the week and was ready to go this morning.  I headed to the closet and put Monday’s outfit on which was a teal shirt from Worthington and my boyfriend jeans from JCP and…oh….wait….this top feels a bit clingy today and I wasn’t feeling totally comfortable in how it looked.

what to do….what to do….

I didn’t really want to add a long sleeve sweater necessarily and so I reached for this knit vest that someone had given me.  I would have never put these two pieces together (the shirt and vest) because I felt like it didn’t “go together” but decided what the heck….let’s wear it today and if it works then great.  And if not I’ll put that on my mental list of “let’s not try that again”.

I think it turned out fine.

How does this tie in with my thoughts on intentional living?  My thought process was to plan out my clothes for the week so it wasn’t just thrown together without thought.  Because I had a plan just means I had a framework to work within.  I already had an idea of what I was going to wear so when I needed to change it up because of how the top fit, I just quickly reached for the vest to make my idea work.  The rest of my week is still planned and I didn’t waste too much time worrying about what I was wearing so in that sense, it was successful.

What are your thoughts on intentional living and how do you incorporate it into your wardrobe?  Do you plan what you are going to wear for the week?

Stay awesome y’all!! ~lisa



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